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    Hello! My name is Tom. I am nine years old.

    I am a Chinese boy. I am not tall or short, and I am not fat or thin. I have got a round face. My eyes are big and black. My hair is short and black. I am wearing a red jacket and blue jeans.

    I like playing basketball, PingPong and computer games. I like watching TV and drawing, too.

    I go to school in Class Two, Grade Four in Fenghui Road Primary School in Xi′an. My school is about one kilometres away from my home. I often go to school by bike. Sometimes, my bike is broken, so I go to school by bus.

    I have got many good teachers in my school. They are very young and very beautiful. They all like me, and I like them, too. I have got many newfriends, too. They are Alex,Jim, Sally, Sam, and Ann. My deskmate is a girl, her name is Zhang Jiayi. She often asks me some questions, and I ask her some questions, too. We help with each other.

    I have got a happy family. In my family there are three people. They are father, mother and me. I like my father and my mother, and they like me, too.

    I am very happy!

    and me 螳螂作文

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